Chauvet Professional F Series Rig Bar (100cm)

Chauvet Professional F Series Rig Bar (100cm)


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$349.99 /Each.

The 1-meter (100CM) F-Series Rig Bar from CHAUVET Professional is available for hanging F-Series video panel products from truss or pipe with ease. The RB-100CM ships with M20 eyebolts, and is ideally used with 5/8” shackles for quick and easy installation. The RB-F100CM works seamlessly with the RB-F50CM.


  • F-series Rig Bar is used to hang video panels vertically or horizontally
  • Works with CHAUVET F-series video panels F4, F3, F4IP
  • 1,300 lb (590 kg) load capacity
  • M20 eyebolts fit standard rigging hardware
  • Eyebolts replaceable with preferred mounting hardware (such as 2 inch truss clamps)
  • Interlocking hardware between other F-Series Rig Bars ensures correct alignment of screen structure

Manufacturer Specifications

Chauvet Professional

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