Chauvet Professional VIP Drive 21L

Chauvet Professional VIP Drive 21L


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The Chauvet Professional VIP Drive 21L is a video wall driver for use with Linsn video control protocol. With DVI input, and 2 outputs, it will map your video wall and configure your screen. Rack mountable, each output is capable of driving up to 655,360 LEDs (1,310,720 total) which connect via RJ-45 Ethernet to any configuration video panels.


  • Video driver used to convert standard video signals (DVI) to Ethernet-based video wall protocol
  • Required for panel calibration and video conversion to CHAUVET LINSN-based video panels
  • CHAUVET LED Studio software connects directly to the VIP Drive 21L via USB for panel configuration
  • 2 RJ-45 Ethernet outputs (655,360 LEDs capacity each, 1,310,720 total)

Manufacturer Specifications

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