Fog Machine Information

New Jersey Theatrical Supply is a trusted provider of a wide range of theater supplies and equipment. One of our more popular pieces of equipment are our fog machines. Learn more about using a fog machine and how you can utilize it for your next production. If you're interested in this product, please contact us today. Our number is (732) 743-0400.

How It Works

This device generates a dense vapor by heating fog "juice." The machines are typically  filled with glycerin or a combination of water and glycol. They are popular for movie sets, stage productions, concerts and haunted houses. The juice or fluid is vaporized inside the machine and out comes the fog. When colorful lights move through the fog, the result is a dazzling display.

If elaborate stage lighting is not available for your production, you may be able to create some spellbinding effects with simple props. By thinking outside the box, the options are endless. Pumpkin heads and skulls are always good for the outward spewing of fog. These types of special effect equipment accessories may already have a fog or smoke machine built in. Or, the objects may have a preset opening to insert a tube. And that's just for Halloween and horror effects.

Fog Machine Safety

Awareness of safety is imperative while operating a special effects mechanism. These machines can reach high temperatures. In other words, they get hot. Therefore, maintain plenty of space between a fogger and flammable objects. Always wait until it cools down after use so your skin is not burned. Follow instructions for that device, including the particular filling of juice.

While it's easy to get carried away and create an environment of thick fog, know your limits. It might be fun for yourself, but other people may be bothered by poor visibility or excessive inhalation. Whether the location is a haunted house or dance club, ventilation is key. Once all of that is good to go, take note of the volume level of juice. These machin