Special Effects Equipment

We are proud to offer our wide assortment of special effects equipment and accessories. Our commitment to excellent customer support allows us to provide you with the highest quality products and services. Our professionally trained staff looks forward to helping you find the perfect additions to your next performance.

New Jersey Theatrical Supply is a seller of professional special effects equipment. Our inventory features professional machines, which can produce the following effects during your next theater production:

  • fog
  • smoke
  • snow
  • haze
  • foam
  • wind
  • confetti
  • bubble
  • mist


Just like with fog, light beams shining through the snow create a thrilling effect. These mechanisms are fantastic for theater productions that have a wintery setting. There are several shows which use snow machines. Not just on Broadway in New York, but also in smaller venues throughout the country. Many stories take place during the winter. Or maybe it is set in a fantasy world in which snow is commonplace in the landscape. 


Impressive control of air movement is what you will discover with this equipment. The CITC Hurricane II, for example, features quiet operation without overheating. It has variable speeds and amazingly covers a space of 85' x 50'. These machines are great for creating a scene that takes place outdoors. Although the application is merely for the movement of air, a wind mechanism establishes the illusion that the characters are on a ship, in a storm or on a beach. 

Professional Use on Stage

These types of machines have been essential in creating dazzling effects on high-profile stages. Broadway and off-Broadway shows in New York integrate special effects equipment which makes the performance visually spectacular. For example, the Gazillion Bubble Show produces millions of bubbles while combining fog machines, lasers and video. And that's just the routine show. The creator of the bubble show has set many world records, such as the most people enclosed by a bubble.

Another show which promises to impress audiences is Disney's Frozen, which is slated to appear on Broadway in 2017. At this point we can only imagine a magical world created by special effects equipment such as professional snow machines. 


Mainly developed and performed in England, this type of theatrical performance features songs and audience interaction. The stories are usually derived from classic stories. An attractive aspect of the pantomimes is the special effects equipment. This might include flying carpets, hydraulics or animatronics.

We understand how important your special effects equipment is to your performance. Adding physical elements to your show will ensure that your audience becomes fully immersed in what they are seeing and feeling. Our variety of effects including snow, bubble and wind machines will spice up your performance nicely. For more information on our special effects equipment and our other products and services, please contact us today. We will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.