Rigging Supplies Installation

New Jersey Theatrical Supply offers Manual Stage Rigging, Rigging Supplies Installation and Theatrical Rigging Systems as a Design-Build item and/or Sales-Installation item. We also offer Maintenance and Safety Inspections as well as Upgrades and Service. Manual rigging is currently used in hundreds of thousands of theaters worldwide. It’s also still a practical, cost-effective solution for new installations of all sizes. This sort of rigging can also be combined with automated equipment to give theaters the benefits of each system.

Years of Rigging Experience

At New Jersey Theatrical Supply, we have years of rigging experience. We can install a wide range of rigging equipment to enhance your production. We offer manual rigging equipment to meet the needs of every theater. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or a new installation, we'll help you and choose just the right system for your creative, technical, and budget requirements. In the end, your vision will be achieved. Contact us today for more information about our rigging supplies installation as well as our manual stage rigging equipment. The number to our office is: (732) 743-0400.