Stage Lighting and Rigging Supplies

Having the proper stage lighting and rigging supplies could go a long way in enhancing your production. At New Jersey Theatrical Supply, we understand those challenges and are here to help. We provide theater companies with the opportunity to present themselves as if they were on Broadway. We have a great selection of stage lighting and rigging supplies are an affordable price.

Expert Stage Lighting Installation

Get the best stage lighting for your theater. We offer reliable and trusted equipment that is some of the most popular in the performing arts industry. As as new technology sprouts, our inventory is ever-evolving. Stay on top of the industry standards and add some valuable stage lighting equipment to your inventory today. From Conventional Theatrical Fixtures, to Back-lights, to Packaged Stage Lighting Systems, we have you covered for all of your stage lighting needs! Don't trust just anybody with important aspects of your stage, trust only the staff at New Jersey Theatrical Supply.

Quality Rigging Supplies

And do not forgot about our quality rigging supplies. Properly rigging your stage with sub-par equipment can be a hassle and lead to unwanted headaches. You have enough on your plate as it is with other areas of stage production, faulty equipment should not be one of them. With our great selection of rigging supplies, which includes rigging hardware, automated rigging, and trussing and chain hoists, we can surely to meet your rigging needs and ease the burden of your upcoming productions

Also, we offer rigging supplies installation for your convenience. Whether you are looking for an upgrade or want a completely new installation, our rigging supplies installation team will meet the needs of your theater. We will consult with you to choose the perfect system to fit all your technical, creative and, most importantly, budget requirements. We have years of experience in the industry and will work to achieve your vision and your goal.

New Jersey Theatrical Supply is a trusted name in its industry. We offer quality rigging supplies for you to choose from, as well as expert stage lighting installation services. And our offers do not stop there. Learn more about our products and services by contacting us. The number to call is (732) 743-0400.