Bosch LBB1950/10 Table-top microphone

Bosch LBB1950/10 Table-top microphone

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The Bosch LBB1950/10 Plena tabletop microphone is a stylish, highquality tabletop unidirectional condenser microphone, mainly intended for making calls in a public address system. Its heavy metal base and rubber feet ensure stability on any flat surface. The special design also allows the unit to be neatly flush-mounted in desktops. The PTT-key (press-to-talk), not only switches on the microphone, but also provides priority contacts, that are compatible with the Plena range of amplifiers. The switching characteristic of the PTT-key can be configured internally for PTT-mode (on as long as pressed) or toggle-mode (press to switch on, press again to switch off). The microphone is equipped with a fixed, flexible 2 m cable and a 5‑pin DIN connector for the balanced signal and the priority contacts. If the priority contacts are not required, the microphone can be connected to amplifiers with 3‑pin XLR-inputs, using the DIN to XLR adapter. A green LED indicates when the microphone is active.


  • Stylish tabletop unidirectional condenser microphone on a flexible stem
  • Phantom powered by amplifier
  • Momentary or toggle PTT-key for calls with priority contact
  • Green LED, indicating microphone active
  • Stable metal base design with fixed 2 m cable and lockable DIN connector
  • Separate DIN to XLR adapter

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