CITC - SHOTMAX Confetti Launcher

CITC - SHOTMAX Confetti Launcher


This revolutionary machine can launch artificial snow, tissue confetti, streamers, fog, haze, a focused blast of air, Nerf balls, or any soft items.

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Add instant fun to your festivities with the CITC Party Launcher™! It’s inexpensive and reusable to allow multiple confetti explosions.

This patented, easy and fun 22″ x 1″ hand held launcher can be used with 8 or 16 g CO2 and requires no electricity, just pull the string. Use with confetti or streamer speed loads for quick reloading. Use 1″ caps and cups for furthest launch. Longest distance of any launcher its size. Streamers fly over 80′.


  • Streamers fly over 80’
  • Use with confetti or streamers
  • Fast fill with speedload confetti or streamers
  • Add caps and cups for furthest launch


  • C-Clamp with safety cable
  • Wireless remote control
  • Universal DMX
  • Double Bracket (for shooting straight up)

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