Chauvet Professional Synapse 4

Chauvet Professional Synapse 4


Synapse 4 functions as an intelligent relay pack to control the power sent to individual lighting units. 

This relay system ships with the following accessory as standard:

  • Neutrik powerCON power cord
$535.00 /Each.

The CHAUVET Professional Synapse 4 power relay system can de-power entire sections of an installation, which prolongs the lifespan of lighting fixtures and decreases overall power consumption, saving energy and money. Rack, truss or wall mountable, Synapse 4 also offers flexible options to control its four outputs: 1) via DMX; 2) upon sensing the loss of the DMX signal; 3) via an internal scheduler that can be used to specify that individual outputs be turned on/off. As an added convenience, a 4-port DMX opto-isolator allows users to easily branch their DMX universe in multiple directions and amplify the signal after a long cable run.


  • Controllable powerCON relay pack and DMX optically isolated splitter/amplifier

  • Compounds the savings of LED fixtures by completely removing power when not in use

  • Individually control all 4 relays via DMX, DMX sensing or internal scheduler for specific on/off times every day

  • Optically isolated 5-pin DMX splitter provides an easy hub for running DMX to multiple locations

  • Convenient mounting options; rack mount, wall mount or clamped to truss

Manufacture Specifications

Chauvet Professional

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