Denon Professional Fitness Pack

DNP-Fitness Pack

Expand the possibilities of using the Audio Commander and Commander Sport portable P.A. systems, and go hands-free by adding the Denon Professional Fitness Pack.  This kit consists of a water-resistant beltpack transmitter (UHF 584-608 MHz) and water-resistant, noise-cancelling headworn microphone, making the combination perfect for fitness and aquatic applications where moisture may be an issue.

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$199.00 /Each.
Expansion Pack for Audio Commander and Commander Sport Portable P.A. Systems


  • Water-resistant UHF beltpack transmitter (584-608 MHz)
  • Water-resistant headworn microphone with noise-cancelling element
  • 200 – 16kHz frequency response
  • 4-pin mini-XLR locking connectors
  • Hands-free, sweat-proof design for fitness applications

Manufacturer Specifications 

Denon Professional