Denon Professional Flash Start Remote


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The Denon Professional Flash Start Remote is for event operators in the most demanding live situations, including sporting events, theaters, radio and TV stations. Designed for 500 and 700 Series Denon Professional media players and recorders, the Flash Start Remote utilizes RS-232C commands to initiate cues and transport control of the connected devices. Audio and sound FX files can be easily assigned to each of its twenty Hot Start buttons for instantaneous triggering of any sound file.


  • Control Denon media players via RS-232C
  • Instantly START / STOP audio files
  • Tape recorder-style buttons for transport and cues
  • Single cable solution, powered by RS-232 (Denon device) or Micro-B USB option
  • Scribble strips for naming Hot Start buttons
  • Micro-B USB connects to PC for firmware updates, requires no special PC software
  • Supports Denon Professional models
    • DN-500BD
    • DN-500BDMKII
    • DN-500CB
    • DN-501C
    • DN-500R
    • DN-700C
    • DN-700CB
    • DN-700R
    • DN-900R

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Denon Professional

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