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Accommodating larger sizes, the versatile Draper Lace & Grommet fixed screen can be wall-mounted or flown making it ideal for blending, multi-format, or curved applications. The advantage of a fixed frame is the method used to attach the projection screen to the frame. Screen installation for the Lace & Grommet is trouble-free and secure with no lace threading required because the frame ships with the bungees attached. This system keeps the surface taut providing constant tension for a truly flat viewing surface to provide excellent image quality for theaters, auditoriums, and stage events.


  •  Maximum image width up to 100' (30 m) wide.
  •  Lace & Grommet is available for custom curved applications in sizes with maximum radius of 12' (366 cm). Please contact Draper for more information.
  •  Fixed frame projection screen designed to be wall-mounted or flown. Mounting fasteners not included.
  •  Frame includes quick-locking joints for simple, secure assembly and is finished in IFR soft masking.
  •  Frame pieces and decorative trims can be purchased by the lineal foot.
  •  Unique brackets provided for both flat and curved frames for secure wall mounting.
  •  Viewing surface has 4" (51 mm) reinforced webbing borders around four sides of viewing area, with grommets on 6" (152 mm) centers.
  •  No lace threading required, bungees ship attached to frame.
  •  All complete screens (surface and frame) include an accessory kit. Kit can be ordered separately, part number: 383832.
  •  Custom sizes available.

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