Electro-Voice PC PLUS Microphone

Electro-Voice PC PLUS Microphone


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The PolarChoice PC-Plus is the first miniature gooseneck microphone to combine the features and functionality of a desktop mic, with the small unobtrusive size of an XLR mounted gooseneck microphone. The unique profile of the PC-Plus housing places the push button switch and status LED in a more natural position and also creates a lower profile housing. You can even go one step further: The lower half of the PC-Plus (with XLR connector) can be removed and the PC-Plus can be flush mounted. (We supply all the necessary mounting hardware.) The push-button can be configured for either toggle (push on/off), or as PTT or PTM. You can also configure the microphones’ state when power is first applied in toggle mode. So, for example, if you have an installation with multiple PC Plus microphones, you can configure them so that only one mic is live, when the system is first turned on.


• RF Shield provides superior RFI/GSM shielding.

• Dual Capsule Design with four polar patterns: Omnidirectional, Cardioid, Supercardioid, and Hypercardioid.

• Configurable push-button switch with status LED.

• Controls are on the bottom, hidden from view.

• XLR mounted or flush mounted.

• Switchable high pass filter.

• Consistent on-axis response. • Available in 5, 12, or 18 inch versions. • Non-reflecting black finish.

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