LEX Products 20 Amp 6-Circuit LSC19 Multi-Cable Extensions Ground Conductors Bonded

LEX Products 20 Amp 6-Circuit LSC19 Multi-Cable Extensions Ground Conductors Bonded


PowerFLEX™ Cable Assemblies

20 Amp, 6-Circuit, 300 VAC, 12 AWG, 14 conductor multi-cable with LSC19 machined aluminum connectors, ground conductors bonded.

See below for available cable lengths.

Custom Lengths available, please contact NJTS for Pricing.

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$200.25 /Each.
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Multi-cable carries 6-circuits of lighting power inside a single jacket, saving six individual runs of cable.

Features & Benefits

  • Cables feature proprietary LSC19 6-circuit lighting connectors with 12 interlocking keys to help prevent spinning of the interior within the male and female housing
  • Prevents misalignment of male and female circuit conductors and unmateable or mismatched connections
  • Helps prevent broken conductors and loose or damaged ground rings
  • “Tempered Spring” female contacts maintain constant pin pressure to help ensure low resistance connections
  • Machined aluminum housing with hard black anodized finish provides maximum durability
  • Silver plated brass contacts for high conductivity
  • Specially formulated thermoplastic rubber jacket provides exceptional flexibility and durability
  • Available in 12, 14 and 16 AWG to meet your specific requirements
  • 14 conductor multi-cable offers two lower weight options when bonded grounds are acceptable
  • All black construction blends into scenery and is ideal for stage or studio lighting applications


  • Rating:
    20 Amp, 300 VAC maximum (6-circuit)
    Maximum when used with 50% diversity of load (in accordance with table NEC 520-44).
  • Ground Conductors Bonded:
    Six ground contacts are combined through the use of a ground ring to two ground conductors.
  • Male Connector:
  • Cable Gauge:
    12 AWG, 14 conductor TPR
  • Female Connector: