Lehigh Lighting DX3 Dimming System

Lehigh Lighting DX3 Dimming System - Dimmer Rack


The Lehigh Lighting DX3 dimming system meets all the needs for today’s theatrical and architectural dimming requirements. It offers the industry's highest dimmer density and is available in 15, 30, and 60 module configurations with dual 2.4kw dimmers and integral architectural control system.

Excellent solution for new or replacement stage lighting installations.

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Lehigh Lighting’s DX3 dimming system builds on the foundation of the successful DX2 system offering improved performance with a 600Mhz ARM Cortex-A8 processor and dedicated three-phase dimming controller, RDM support, USB ports, Ethernet, built-in ride-thru circuit, and a capacitive touch user interface for system configuration.

With 30 to 120 dimmers, the DX3 series racks are ideal for small to large projects including professional and educational theatres, television studios, hotels, churches, and convention centers. Dimmers include dual 2.4KW forward phase modules with 350, 500, and 800 microseconds rise time options, and dual 2kW ELV reverse phase control module. Other modules include a dual EB-rated non-dim relay, constant circuits, and dimmable fluorescent ballast control.

The System control module (SCM) provides the sophisticated control functions required for theatrical or architectural with an integrated architectural controls interface compatible with Lehigh's Collage Impress architectural controls to provide a seamless interface between a theater's stage and house light controls or to function as a dedicated architectural control and dimming system. In addition, system wide presets are provided for capture and recall of both stage and house lighting.

Ethernet connectivity is provided for control, monitoring, programming, and subsystem networking. The DX3 accepts DMX512 over Ethernet protocols.

The Window-based DxDirector software application is used to configure the DX3 system via a PC using either Ethernet or the USB device port on the SCM.

DX3 is available with the SCM or without for DMX only applications. It is also available in 120V and 277V versions.

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