Lehigh Rendition Pro Console

Lehigh Rendition Pro Console


The Lehigh Rendition Pro console provides fully integrated control of conventional lights, LEDs and moving lights.

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With the addition of LCDs, four encoders, and direct selects, the Lehigh Rendition Pro enhances the popular Lehigh Rendition series consoles with increased hands-on control of moving lights. The console features 24 X 10 pages of master faders with LCDs. Optional Fader Wings are available and can be combined to provide up to 240 master faders. Wings are available in either 2 X 12 or 2 X 24 configurations and connect via ethernet for local or remote application.

Rendition has Ethernet support for 2048 outputs using ArtNet, PathPort, and ACN streaming. Additional Ethernet support includes remote video/control and wireless focus remote on PocketPC.

Rendition Pro supports Cast Lighting's WYSIWYG Perform and Perform CE with features for visualization, AutoPatch, and AutoFocus control from WYSIWYG.

The console has a graphical user interface with keyboard and mouse point and click operation. Inside the console is an industrial processor with powerful Intel core and reliable Flash-based hard drive for operating system and on-board show storage. USB flash key support is provided for show backup and software updates.


  •  2048 Control channels
  • 2048 Outputs
  • A/B & C/D Playback fader pair
  • 24 Multipurpose Masters, 10 pages
  • Multiple cue lists
  • Four attribute encoders
  • Direct Selects
  • 4X 999 Focus presets (Intensity, Focus, Color, and Beam)
  • 2 Standard DMX Ports
  • 4 DMX universes via Ethernet
  • Compact Flash for OS & onboard file storage
  • USB Drive for storage & software update
  • USB for flash drive, keyboard, or mouse

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