Lehigh Wave Console

Lehigh Wave Console


The Lehigh Wave consoles offer a blend of traditional manual preset and memory control.

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Wave provides a sophisticated and powerful control platform in a format that anyone can use. The flexible control format makes Wave the ideal control board for any application: main or back up console for theatres, TV studios, multi-purpose rooms, houses of worship, and touring shows.

The Wave 120 has three operating modes to meet a variety of control needs: manual mode with 30 two scene channels; single scene mode with two pages of 60 (120 total) channels plus a hold function for crossfading, and memory playback mode with a 275 cue stack. Additional control features include 120 pile on submasters, 5 independent control channels, and over 48 effects.

An LCD display provides quick access to Wave’s many programming, editing, and playback features. A PC may be linked to the console via a USB port for the optional real time video display function. A second USB port offers flash drive backup of all recorded control settings.

A DMX-in feature adds to Wave’s versatility as a main or backup console. With DMX-in, 512 DMX input channels from another console or other DMX source can be stored as cues or submasters on the Wave for future playback. For smaller systems, see the Wave 60 catalog sheet which has identical control features in a 15/60 channel configuration.


  • Three channel control modes:

           120 channel single scene mode with hold function

           30 channel manual two scene preset

           Memory playback with a 275 cue stack

  • 120 pile-on submaster memories
  • 5 independent channels
  • Grandmaster with blackout
  • 580 cue, submaster, and effects memories
  • Alpha-numeric labeling of shows, cues, and submasters
  • Timed split crossfaders
  • Bump buttons with bump master and solo/normal mode
  • LCD display for recording, previewing, editing, and channel outputs
  • 48 effects with up to 50 steps
  • DMX512 input and output universes
  • USB flash drive port for external file storage and software upgrades
  • On line help function
  • USB port for PC video interface option
  • Ethernet direct control option
  • Off-line editing option

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