Lightronics AE4020 Unity Architectural Dimmer Expander Module

Lightronics AE4020 Unity Architectural Dimmer Expander Module Panel


Usually Ships in 5-10 Business Days.

This Wall Mounted Dimmer Panel is flexible, powerful, and affordable.

This easy to install and use architectural system is equally at home in churches, schools, theaters, hotels, etc. 

$971.25 /Each.

The Lightronics AE4020 is a four channel add on product for the AR1202 Unity Architectural dimmer. It provides control for incandescent lighting fixtures and 2 wire dimmable fluorescent lighting ballasts. The AE4020 provides four 2400 Watt channels of dimmed 120VAC. It is controlled by a interface with the AR1202 control circuitry. The AR1202 uses its four auxiliary channels (13 – 16 ) to control the AE4020.


  • 4 Dimmable Circuits
  • Operation Integrated with AR1202
  • Zero Crossing Solid State Switching
  • AR1202 / AR602 Interface Cable Provided
  • Unit can be supplied as a 2 Channel Expander 
    Module AE2020

Manufacturer Specifications


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