Lightronics RD82 Rack Mount Dimmer Pack


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$1,522.50 /Each.

The Lightronics RD82 is a 19,200 Watt, 8 channel, rack mount lighting dimmer. It is suitable for church, stage, theater, school, night club, live performances and other event and artistic applications. Each of the channels has a capacity of 2400 Watts. It is controlled via low voltage signals which may be LMX-128 (3 wire multiplex), or USITT DMX-512. The unit is fan cooled. Channels may be independently assigned from the unit. The unit is over temperature and over voltage protected and has a magnetic circuit breaker for each channel.

There are several options for channel output connection panels. Options include: Edison plug, Knockout panel with internal terminal strip, External Terminal Strip, Patch panel, Stage pin panel, and Socapex Connector panel. The RD82 also has
several "stand alone functions" which enable it to operate without a control console. These functions include a storable scene which may be activated by an external switch closure, a programmable chaser, and 7 factory set chase patterns.


  • 8 Channels
  • 2400W per Channel
  • LMX-128 & DMX-512
  • Fast Acting Magnetic Circuit Breakers
  • Dim/Non-Dim Mode by Channel
  • 8 Chases
  • Softpatch
  • 120/240V 80 Amp
  • UL-508 Compliant

Manufacturer Specifications