Lightronics RE121D Rack Mount Dimmer Pack

Lightronics RE121D Rack Mount Dimmer Pack


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$1,109.25 /Each.

The Lightronics RE121D is a 12 channel rack mount dimmer with a capacity of 1,200 watts per channel giving a total of 14,400 watts. It is suitable for church, stage, theater, school, night club, live performances and other event and artistic applications.

The RE121D is controlled by a lighting control console. The unit uses the DMX-512 control protocol. Channels A - F and/or channels G - L may be switched to operate in "relay" mode. In relay mode, channels may be switched only to either to full on or full off depending on fader position.


  • 12 Channels
  • 1200W per Channel
  • 10 Amp Fast Acting Fuses
  • Dim/Relay Mode per 6 Channel groups
  • 120/240V 60 Amp
  • DMX-512 Protocol
  • UL-508 Compliant
  • Optional Circuit Breakers

Manufacturer Specifications