SELECON Acclaim Axial Mark II Zoomspot

SELECON Acclaim Axial Mark II Zoomspot


The latest in filament lamps is combined with the efficiency of an axial reflector system and a custom optical design to produce an ellipsoidal fixture with the precise beam control necessary for stage lighting.

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Product Features
  • Interchangeable lens trays between versions, no tools required for removal/changing
  • Heat output is managed through a combination of controlled infrared reflections, heat sinks and precisely engineered air flow
  • Gobo/Iris slot
  • Adjustable beam Peak-Flat setting using central planetary gear
  • Automatic disconnection of power on removal of the lamp module. This important safety feature prevents a student or technician from inserting a lamp into an electrically live fixture
  • Available in 18-34 and 24-44 beam angles

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SELECON Acclaim Axial Mark II Zoomspot | Stage Lighting