StageRight Maestro Conductors Podium

StageRight Maestro Conductors Podium


This is the StageRight Maestro Conductors Podium for Music Education and Performance.

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Safe to Use: Built-in guardrail ensures safety. Chairstop keeps chair securely in place. 

Carpeted Surface: Stays quiet during your event. 

Simple to Store: Guardrail folds under the unit for hassle free storage with no separate pieces. Takes up half the space of other leading podiums. 

Heavy Duty Steel/Polycarbonate Construction: Durable, Long-lasting, Sleek and professional-looking. 

Easy to Transport: Can be moved all as one piece: no separate pieces to carry. Tapered design allows for greater range of movement.

Available Configurations

Parts #                                                               Weight
360172       Adjustable Unit (6” - 12”)        125 lbs

360163       Fixed 6” Unit                                90 lbs