THE LIGHT SOURCE 10 Inch Mega-Beam Clamp, 3 ton


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The Light Source Mega-Beam Clamp is a low profile sliding jaw design that allows you to secure your load as close to the I-Beam as possible. The 10" model has a 3 ton rating. The two aircraft aluminum jaws are adjusted on the 3/4"-6" tip Acme threaded shaft. The spring loaded handle locks after adjustment. Aluminum construction is half the weight of steel units and has a wider gripping range.

Fastens from 2 inch to 10 inch wide I-Beam flanges up to 1" thick. Center hole is 1-1/2"

Optional Mega-Beam Clamp jaws can be added to any size Mega-Beam Clamp to fit up to 2" thick beam flanges (see photo on right). Part # MBC2INCHJAWS

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The Light Source